Sunday, January 31, 2010


One word-SUCKED!

Lot of blood Jamba Juices and codine-oh-can't breath too well-got to get the packing out of my nose!

Sums it up

Friday, January 29, 2010

Goin Under

Another first-admitting myself to the Hospital for a real surgery-anesthesiologist and all. Somehow for 45 years I've avoided the humility of wearing that ass-less gown-no more!!!

Hours of nurses and specialists coming and going, taking tests and asking questions-SportsCenter continues to loop but finally the Dr. stops by and soon after, they come to get me. Admittedly nervous, but the little kid in me, having never been wheeled around the corridors while in bed got some joy out of it.....right until that friggen cold OR door opens and you see the activity that awaits you. Fortunately for me, as one nurse is cocoooning me up, I have an itch on my nose I can no longer get too and the anesthesiologist tells me this is no problem ...good night....and I'm gone-little warming of the head and the next thing I remember is the continual questions and thirst in recovery. I have brief recollection of Dr. Adachi coming in and giving me details but very foggy.......

What you don't forget is the word "positive"

SHT-I popped positive for a cancer tumor-are you kidding me? -details Tuesday

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Enough already-this lump in my throat has got to go-Dan Davis referrers me to an ENT who passes on it and sends me to Dr. Kristi Adachi, the leading ENT in the Queens system specializing in Cancer-Excuse me-the C word-that's a first. The process of jamming a bunch of tools up your nose not a pleasant experience-thank god for the medical numbing assistance. She admits it is quite suspicious and wants to go in and do a full biopsy on Friday and very closed mouth beyond that-not a good sign imo

My first Blog

Well not really, I made an attempt to launch one with Kai Mana that was to track us through the Transpac Race last year but to no avail as we had to withdraw .......

As I don't have the luxury this time of simply withdrawing on this challenge, I've taken a few liberties in updating off memory for the past two weeks since my diagnosis but this will be my own real time little diary/blog/brainstorming or simply my venue to vent as I progress through this situation-bear with me and we'll see how all things transpire together or you can just check in from time to time.