Friday, March 30, 2012

Don't do that again please!

A less that pleasant 24 hours for me folks and an incredibly anxious morning here but this may have been an unnecessary scare.

I missed the call while in the shower getting ready for work. I called back within 3 or 4 minutes and he was on the phone. I obviously have been overly anxious and scared to be honest, so missing this call was not what I wanted to do. This kind of uncertainly and fear can make the brain a very busy creative machine, and not for the best in this case. Ive never ever broached the thought of having to deal with this again.

Long of the short is I've been pacing the house all morning never letting my cell phone out of my sight and called back twice. Finally, here it is lunch and we finally talked-Here's the deal and we can pretty much take it as a big sigh of relief!

Granted not completely out of the woods BUT-the general consensus here from him, the radiologist that reviewed the MRI originally as well as my ENT is that it is probably nothing more that a calcium buildup or cyst. The fact that he learned I never broke my collar bone nor tore up my shoulder playing volleyball didn't make him happy as that pretty much rules out calcium from previous injury. That, and the fact it didn't show in my September scan so he's going the cyst route. The radiologist feels all is fine but says we can do a targeted scan of the area to get a better look so we're ordering another MRI for me next week Tuesday that focuses on the areas of interest in the shoulder to ensure instead of assume.

I'M OK with this train of thought.

Need to breathe and relax through this process but sounds like the most prudent course of action just to be safe. From there he may go in and drain and/or biopsy. He very positive this is no big deal and a non event but we'll go through the process to be sure.

WHAT A RELIEF and I'm very confident be even better by the end of next-Again keep you posted

Thursday, March 29, 2012


SHIT! First speed bump ever!

Ive been quite anxious for the past few days-something I saw in the mirror while being scanned last week been nagging me and guess that intuition was right. The Doc walked in this morning as it was my follow up on last weeks scans-I instantly feel something not right as he is usually quite festive yet this time very serious asking how I have been. He was going to call me back in February as he got a copy of my blood work from another Doc visit and apparently I was showing really poor numbers and anemic. So wehre was that call????? We quickly determined that vampire visit was done coming off the flu I had earlier in the year and as today's blood is fine, that one was dismissed.

The problem lies in my MRI-There is a mass about the size of a marble that has been detected under my right clavicle near the socket and he not pleased.


He read the radiologist report that implies that it could simply be a cyst as it didn't light up but he showing concern-Will call the radiologist and compare all my pictures and make a determination of what is next and promises to get back to me tomorrow.

I'm not a happy camper-I haven't has so much as a blemish on any of my scans since this ordeal was completed. Admittedly scared as hell right now and the anxiety isn't good for me.

Stand by!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Time for another photo op!

Well six months must be the magic number as going into the Biq Q this morning for another round of scans. The Doc's ordered another full work up before my next follow ups with them starting next week-Time for the earphones and headphones to try drown out the incredible noise these MRI's make-Not looking forward to being locked up with all the head gear to be honest but at least they have a mirror so I can see out-Too much deja vu to the dungeon during treatment! YUK. Little anxious of course as no reading until the Oncologist next week but I'm off!

Wish me luck!