Thursday, March 29, 2012


SHIT! First speed bump ever!

Ive been quite anxious for the past few days-something I saw in the mirror while being scanned last week been nagging me and guess that intuition was right. The Doc walked in this morning as it was my follow up on last weeks scans-I instantly feel something not right as he is usually quite festive yet this time very serious asking how I have been. He was going to call me back in February as he got a copy of my blood work from another Doc visit and apparently I was showing really poor numbers and anemic. So wehre was that call????? We quickly determined that vampire visit was done coming off the flu I had earlier in the year and as today's blood is fine, that one was dismissed.

The problem lies in my MRI-There is a mass about the size of a marble that has been detected under my right clavicle near the socket and he not pleased.


He read the radiologist report that implies that it could simply be a cyst as it didn't light up but he showing concern-Will call the radiologist and compare all my pictures and make a determination of what is next and promises to get back to me tomorrow.

I'm not a happy camper-I haven't has so much as a blemish on any of my scans since this ordeal was completed. Admittedly scared as hell right now and the anxiety isn't good for me.

Stand by!

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