Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Riddance and Happy New Year

As the sun sets one last time on 2010 I sit here on the beach at the Outrigger and say good riddance! I am not sad in the slightest to watch this sunset and have 2010 fade to black-Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. There are still many challenges ahead both while we continue to await an all clear medically as well as what is sure to be a long road in rebuilding life and business but hey-I'm here to do it-Off to some festivities at home to ring in 2011-

Happy New Year everyone!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Wow, hard to believe there are only 5 days left until Christmas. That is to say nothing of how remiss I have been in not posting here in almost 2 months. There was a lot of work and valuable exchanges created here and I again thank anyone still out there for following and sending your wishes. Ironically the reason I jumped back on today is over the past week I have had two conversations with people who have family in similar situations to where I was back in the early part of the year. One has already forwarded this blog, as I have found have quite a few others of you, and the other I just told of this option and offered she too send off and she thinks it is a great idea. After all I have gone through this year, and I believe I've said this previously, if my experiences dealing with this demon can help them and offer some insight of where that train might be laying in wait and diffuse the fears they have even slightly, I am honored to help.

In my specific case, I guess I haven't posted much as really nothing new to report and believe me-that is a good thing. Although I am still under regular Doctors care, was able to sneak off and do Thanksgiving cruise in this year with Lisa, Mom and Pam. Even got to catch a Dolphin game as well. Certainly not in the budget but a well needed escape for all of us. Unfortunately, we were not able to see my cousin Cathy whom I've mentioned here previously as she did loose her battle before we got there. Very sad but she had had a very long fight and we miss her.

The Doctors are keeping a regular, close eye on me as I mentioned and although I am free to do whatever my body is capable of, between the three of them they are trying to ensure I have at least monthly check ups as my chemistry still not right, nor is the healing process near complete. Both of those have been cause for problems here and there as I "learn" my capabilities and they all are quick to remind me that although things do look great, I am actually ahead of the curve as they had said a year of recovery. I find myself a but anxious here as had to cancel last weeks appointment as the Doc had a family emergency so lacking any December insight-never a good thing I admit.

Outside of that, I find myself back to the daily grind and concerns you all have in life. Much of that I try look at in a more enlightened fashion and focus on what one can control but I already see how some of the curve balls life loves to throw at you that stress you out can come back. My goal is to alleviate those such things but it does take work and I continue with my mantra of day by day.

I will say that I wont be sorry when 11 more of those days have passed as I am certainly ready for 2010 to be in the rear view mirror.

Have a fabulous rest of your Holiday Season everyone and I'll be back here in '11-Need to figure out what to do with all this content-LOL