Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A rash and itch is really nothing compared to the scare that cyst prompted earlier this month but I must admit I am getting a little concerned nonetheless. I've developed a really annoying rash on my neck and chest-ironically right in the area of where my radiation treatments took place. Coincidence???

It started a few days after my second MRI as well as a long offshore race on Saturday where I ended up getting a bit of a sunburn. It was quite bad for a few days and was more welts than rash. At the time I was attributing it to a combination of those two things. Here we are two weeks later however and it is still irritating-very itchy and uncomfortable. Fortunately I have a dermatologist appointment on Monday as at my last follow up with that Doctor back in January, he noticed a small basil cell that needs to be removed. At the time it was a non event so he just scheduled it to be removed at our next follow up her on Monday. In the interim however, it too has grown larger and become quite annoying itself so of course my brain playing all kinds of tricks to any association to any of this.

If it isn't one thing it's another all of the sudden. GRRR!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Unnecessary Stress but a reality check as ALL G!

ALL CLEAN!!!! Mahalo everyone for your thoughts and prayers but it is now official-this event has been a non-event and I'm happy to say I STILL TAKE PRETTY PICTURES and all G! interesting find but negative on what matters most! Now that was some stress I don't care to repeat yet it is interesting how instances such as this tend to give you a bit of a slap in the back of the head on reality and your own mortality and remind you maybe things spinning a bit too fast and I need to remember to take things slow and literally.

We kind of knew this Friday but it has still been a bit nerve wracking awaiting the results but turns out the only incident of concern was my challenge in the MRI Tuesday. The resulting reports from this second scan show this to be a non cancer related issue of any kind!!! There most certainly is a cyst like mass formed under my right clavicle however it does not light up and that is A GOOD THING!!!! Upon further review, we find there has even been previous mention of it in some of my previous scans. Apparently Ive had this for some time as we have now also been able to detect other shoulder and rotator cuff damage and scaring from a previous shoulder injury........That's awesome news of course under the specific circumstances as only concerned with the stuff that can kill you yet it makes one wonder as I've never had any prior shoulder injuries to speak of. Sure with years of volleyball, paddling, surfing and swimming, Ive had my share of stingers but nothing that ever put me in an ER or a sling like I was so good at with knees and ankles-LOL. Apparently however, i have in fact done some significant damage over the years and he actually suggested I go see my Ortho. I have absolutely no difficulty nor pain so when the Ortho calls me, and he will, this ought to be interesting.

Anyway the bottom line here is after a week of stress and reminders, to hear him say "everything looks great and see you in 4 months" never sounded so good and took a huge weight off said shoulders! Off for a swim-might as well exercise and stretch it a bit right! LOL

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

That was a first~!

Never pushed the bail out button before!

Had my shoulder MRI today and they were very busy-A lot of Corrections guards so must have been prisoner day but they put me in the first machine that opened up-not the normal beast I'm used too and I swear this is the kiddie machine-I didn't know they made them that small and I didn't even fit. My feet were off the end, they had to wrap me like a mummy with my arms at my sides and hands coming over my stomach and I still barely able to slide in. The top of the tube so close to my face too that I admit I think I actually had a bit of an anxiety attack. I'm usually nor claustrophobic but this one freaked me out and I had to push the button and have them get me out for some air-very unsettling feeling. Uuggh. They fit me with a very small mirror as a regular one wouldn't fit and I was able to finish the scan but that was a first.

Anyway-the specific areas have their pictures and now I sweat it out a bit until I meet with the Doc on Thursday to hopefully put this little speed bump behind me!

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