Tuesday, April 3, 2012

That was a first~!

Never pushed the bail out button before!

Had my shoulder MRI today and they were very busy-A lot of Corrections guards so must have been prisoner day but they put me in the first machine that opened up-not the normal beast I'm used too and I swear this is the kiddie machine-I didn't know they made them that small and I didn't even fit. My feet were off the end, they had to wrap me like a mummy with my arms at my sides and hands coming over my stomach and I still barely able to slide in. The top of the tube so close to my face too that I admit I think I actually had a bit of an anxiety attack. I'm usually nor claustrophobic but this one freaked me out and I had to push the button and have them get me out for some air-very unsettling feeling. Uuggh. They fit me with a very small mirror as a regular one wouldn't fit and I was able to finish the scan but that was a first.

Anyway-the specific areas have their pictures and now I sweat it out a bit until I meet with the Doc on Thursday to hopefully put this little speed bump behind me!

Back Thursday

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  1. Hey Jeff, I just started following though I read it blog a while back when you first started. Sorry it took me so long to find it again. Anyway, I've TOTALLY been there on the MRI freak-out session before and I had to come out and take a breather too. Hang in there -- I hope things are looking good come Thursday. Will be thinking about you. Take care.