Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A rash and itch is really nothing compared to the scare that cyst prompted earlier this month but I must admit I am getting a little concerned nonetheless. I've developed a really annoying rash on my neck and chest-ironically right in the area of where my radiation treatments took place. Coincidence???

It started a few days after my second MRI as well as a long offshore race on Saturday where I ended up getting a bit of a sunburn. It was quite bad for a few days and was more welts than rash. At the time I was attributing it to a combination of those two things. Here we are two weeks later however and it is still irritating-very itchy and uncomfortable. Fortunately I have a dermatologist appointment on Monday as at my last follow up with that Doctor back in January, he noticed a small basil cell that needs to be removed. At the time it was a non event so he just scheduled it to be removed at our next follow up her on Monday. In the interim however, it too has grown larger and become quite annoying itself so of course my brain playing all kinds of tricks to any association to any of this.

If it isn't one thing it's another all of the sudden. GRRR!

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