Thursday, May 31, 2012


Sorry-had to log on here to forward my link and see I haven't had any updates so as long as I'm here-A quick vent as been a crappy week!

First off, I'm just fine-had the flu-that sucked, got sick earlier in the year but this was a full blown doozy of bug-however, I'll take that any day over the "sick" alternative right.  Work showing signs of life and been doing some great racing as we learn the boat.

Now to the vent-Got a frantic call from my mother yesterday afternoon asking how fast I could get to her house as my Aunt took a terrible fall.  Pam and I jet out of here and get to her house to see a sight I haven't seen in 10 years and made me nauseous to be honest.  To drive up and see all the Emergency vehicles all lit up outside as all I could think of was the last time...the day we lost Dad.  Anyway. I pull in behind the Ambulance and get upstairs to find my Aunt had tripped and fallen breaking her leg with a compound fracture of her ankle.  Off to ER-broken in 3 places and in obvious need of surgery.  The pain of resetting an injury like that and the fact they let us stay in the room was awful-A double dose of fentanyl or not, it was hundreds of times worse for her I know!   As bad as that is, I wake this morning to a message of a very successful surgery and things all good.  So under the circumstances that is terrific news.

I must say, there were some things going on in ER that are memories I wish would stay as such-The sounds, the questions, the smells, the pain, the memories YUK!  Have I mentioned how much I dislike Hospitals!

I then get in and check my e-mail.  Here I find a dear friend sending me a message she not going to be making it back here as she had hoped for any of our 30th reunion festivities coming up in June-A diagnosis of her own that has her in the same position I was back in January of 2010-Confused, scared and overwhelmed at what coming at her so quickly.  Hence my need to log in here and as much as I so hate to forward this to a dear friend for their own use, I do in the hopes it may be of use to her and her family.  Unfortunately I've had to do way to many times in the past few months but this particular one generated my vent.  Sorry

Jeff out

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