Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 Year Clearance Celebration!

Hard to believe I missed the date, but there is a previous post, "Friday, June 18, 2010-And then there were NONE!" that I was ecstatic about with the completion of all my treatment-In pain but we were done. 

Today, July 10, 2012,  I am suddenly giddy ecstatic again and didn't even expect it!

I went in to see the ENT for my scheduled 3 month follow up and after a few new tests, she proudly announced, again thank god, that everything looks great and we ran one more test.  Later here this afternoon she went on  very excited herself with those results to inform me  "You have cause to go and celebrate!  You have surpassed your two year anniversary with flying colors and that is the time frame that most concerns me for any type recurrence of your type of cancer and you have NONE-go grab Lisa and toast to your good health!"  Well I cant go get Lisa as she under the weather and has the boys but I find myself somewhat euphoric so going to go get in a swim on this beautiful Hawaiian afternoon and have a glass of wine at sunset!

Didn't expect this but boy does it feel good I admit!  Not to worry-I'm not done with my check ups-Its rather a comfort to have someone checking up on me every few months so I already have my appointment set for October but this is a milestone I like!

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