Thursday, February 24, 2011


OK folks-it has been a while but as I am a little overwhelmed here in the day to day things of life, figure its a good time to take a break and update here a bit.

I mention overwhelmed but at least it is life right. My goal and mantra coming out the tail end of this ordeal is to "control the controllable" where you really focus on the things that matter and you can actually do something about and put the other bullshit to the side. Reality is in day to day life, that is much harder than it sounds although I am still focusing on that. Life will always toss a curve ball though and we just deal with it-that said, as we try get back on track business and financially after the priorities of beating the beast last year that set all that back, it is important to just sit back and breath-stress IS NOT your friend so time for one of those breaks and update yo on the good news.

NEGATIVE! That is the readings from the good Oncologist on my most recent PET scans-he has even gone as far as "released" me until June. Of course before we can really celebrate, I need those same scans to be confirmed with two other physicians but I take this as a huge positive none the less. I must admit, I was anxious as hell going through the scan and awaiting word on the results and the irony is now, after all the hand holding and monitoring, there is slight bit of anxiety that still persists knowing that I am one step closer to not having to be under such scrutiny. It's only 4 months but but I said, I need two more to concur and I'm sure blood work will still be monitored and such but it is a bit of an odd feeling. Believe me, I wouldn't want it any other way but funny how the brain works.

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