Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Rabbit Hunt is on haitus today

Today is quite a big day and I am admittedly a bit anxious again. I have an appointment with the ENT for her review and take on the PET's so I am doing my best to patiently await this afternoons visit. In the mean time, I have recently been "rabbit hunting" to see what miraculous things I can pull out of my hat!-It seems now that I am back trying to put all the pieces together everyone wants to sink their teeth in and immediately have me fix all that may have been postponed or overlooked last year. Try as I may to go one day at a time to get things back on an even keel on both a personal and business standpoint, the pressure is on and everyone looking for an immediate solution-sorry it simply isn't possible but I will keep hunting those rabbits and as hard as we try not to let it happen, that converts to stress. For today at least however, the rabbit is safe and they all need to just deal with it - I'll go back to deadlines and figuring out who gets paid what and when later as this appointment trumps all!

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