Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2 Down!

First off lets clarify my last few posts as it appears I may have confused some of you with my banter and I've been told I wasn't sounding too happy here lately. On the health front I continue to progress in a positive fashion thank you and as we will get into here below as I had a fantastic appointment with the ENT yesterday. My comments, sarcastic as I try be, relate to the world we all must deal with on a daily basis in general. For most of last year I simply checked out of the day to day operations that life requires to focus on getting healthy-Absolutely nothing else mattered and in many respects that is still enviable-As I have taken to saying a lot lately, "I don't recommend my program" but whether we are referring to my healthier physical appearance I now have or the outlook I try maintain, what I went through and in certain respects still am certainly clarifies and defines what is truly important and gives one a different perspective. That said, now that I am back in what many consider the real world, immersed in trying to make a living, it can be a challenge re-acclimating to the system. It takes a cognisant effort on my part to focus on what can be managed and not let chaos dictate the pace. I am finding many who tend to forget the good deeds and support they offered last year and assume all is back to normal and full speed ahead. It can be overwhelming at times to deal with what equates to unrealistic demands and requirements but I simply can not allow that to absorb me as I am a firm believer that stress is a major contributor to putting many, possibly myself included, into the situation I am emerging from to begin with. Now not that made a tremendous amount of sense but onto the good stuff! My ENT's review of the scans and my exam. "Everything looks wonderful!" The scans are clear and her physical exam were 110% to her satisfaction and she is thrilled-as am I. When I mentioned a sense of separation anxiety from the oncologist, a doctor I saw weekly, then monthly and now whom doesn't need to see me for four months-LOL She laughed to and went on to tell me not to worry about that as I'm stuck with her every 6 to 8 weeks throughout the year. She wants to have eyes on as there are things she looks for that the scans would never show so she wants to be diligent on having physical exams to ensure there is no evidence of such. She also noted that when I really looked at my calender, between all 3 of my specialists, there still is someone looking at me every month. I will have my radiology follow up and review in April, she will see me again in May then voila, there is the 4 month follow up in oncology again in June, back to her in July.........slight gaps the second half but they really still do have a good handle on it and as much as you want to be rid of this, it is comforting to know at this stage that I am still being monitored. 2012 we will extend those visits I am sure but for now, I am VERY GOOD with this set up. That's all for now folks and thank you all for your continued support-It means the world! Mahalo

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