Friday, June 10, 2011

72 Hours

That is the amount of time I was allowed to keep my stress levels in check post vacation until all hell broke loose with our company. I won't go into all the details as this is a blog about my health journey but suffice it to say, there is a correlation between the two as to the effect this could have on one's life. It is all I can do right now to not get overwhelmed considering the tactics being employed in what appears to be nothing short of Goliath making a blatant attempt to run us out of business and that certainly is grounds for the immense amounts of stress I feel. God knows I'm trying to take this all in stride but damn it got harder with each curve ball zinged my way this week.

There are a number of issues at risk here that are cause for concern, however, the need to fight to keep the company in tact over and above the obvious financial issues is overshadowed by the need to prevent any interruption of my HMSA insurance policy. I certainly learned the value of that coverage and in no way can I find myself in the situation of having to re insure myself somewhere and get involved with any "preexisting" clauses. I feel like it's a big catch 22 made that much more difficult when someone is not playing fair-nor rational. Quite frankly, if not for the HMSA issue, at this point when I weigh the pro's and con's of what and how things are transpiring, I'd simply walk away and not disturb my peace of mind in the knowledge I was honoring my obligations and say fck it, your nuts and I'm not going to play this game-my health trumps anything you can throw at me so go ahead take your best shot, however, the circumstances simply don't allow for that so this battle continues starring me as David!

Now back to the journey at hand, I was supposed to have a follow up with the oncologist to report but due to the Holiday here in Hawaii today it has been rescheduled- I admittedly am a bit anxious for that considering all that is taking place around me. I'm sure I have nothing to worry about as I feel great but it will be nice to have some assurances all is still progressing in an orderly fashion. I'm also anxious to see what the blood work will show regarding the thyroid but another week to wait that one out as well.

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