Saturday, June 4, 2011

Alaskan success!

Well this past week certainly didn't suck!-Feeling much better than at this time last week when I posted after tossing and turning that first night in Seattle with my brain in such overdrive, but thankfully was able to get on the ship and just shut down the outside world-Woo Hoo! Lisa Max and I had a blast-did our ship thing that I love so, or as Dad referred to it, gastronomical suicide on a sea of whisky, with a sea day to start for some R & R and acclimate to ship life! Went on to play tourist with some shore excursions and explorations of our own-even ran across a Grizzly in the wild (From afar of course) Not looking forward to the business challenges that lay ahead but feeling recharged!. Time to refocus,tackle them head on and move on so as to not let this adversely affect my health as the anxiety I was feeling from the pressure before I left is simply a no-no.

There's our boarding call-nothing like a little 737 for a 5 hour over water flight-LOL. Thank you for everything Lisa-Love you and think we all loved this week but time to head back to reality!

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