Saturday, May 28, 2011

Need to decompress

WTF-what a sh*ty week-probably the most stressful non health related week I have had in some time and that just can't happen. Some curve balls pitched at work that took one hell of a dance to survive, even for the short term and what irritates me the most, it is all completely unnecessary bullsht with someone trying to play hard ball and change the game-it simply isn't worth it when my health cant be compromised by this crap but presents and interesting and challenging situation going forward-I need to decompress and restrategize as this broad wants blood-MINE-and I'm just not wired for these tactics she wants to play anymore, nor should I be as she simply on a power play that no matter how I look at it, makes zero business sense for any of us but I have to let it go for now.

I got the immediate situation solved for the short term and need to chill out-I can feel the strain on my system and not happy about that at all-insomnia as the brain wont stop rehashing the meeting, rehearsing the next one and churning out strategies as to how to make my next move, sore throat that wont go away that not sure what to attribute too and general stress BAD JEFF.-you know better than to let anyone or any situation get the best of you anymore's tough considering the consequences on the business and financial front. Regardless my health needs to take precedence.

Fortunately I am extremely fortunate as what better way to accomplish a complete decompress but to turn the phone off and get on a boat, or ship n this case-I'll be missing the 3 day race back home and wish my Prima crew the best, but I'll let others do the heavy lifting on this one as I sit here in Seattle awaiting the shuttle to Pier 91 for a week blobbing around Alaska with Lisa as she takes her son Max for his first fcruise or his 13th birthday and I get to tag along-thanks Lucy! Maybe we'll find a bear to wrestle-have to be a better gig thatn last weeks battle-LOL

Ill possibly detail all this later-just a journal entry here to try clear the brain but god knows I need this week!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend all

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