Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Sometimes I wonder why I bother-read enough on the web will and you'll scare the sh*t out of yourself as it is a miracle any of us have the ability to survive the day! Apparently though, this really isn't that big a deal as the Doc told me and the meds don't seem to have any major side effects so maybe much of what I thought was just part of my life today is really directly associated with this thyroid issue.

  • Muscle and joint soreness-figured part of the healing, rebuilding and post radiation

  • Fatigue-same answer however have noticed my 2 pm slump bad

  • Weight gain-well the first 10 pounds to 190 was great although it took months-this second 10 to 195-200 I mentioned-it did come fast

  • Irritability-We'll Ive certainly mentioned that countless times since this all started
The list goes on when you look at the symptoms so maybe she is correct when she tells me that I may feel good now relative to this time last year, but what if I could feel even better as these could all be cases of this irregularity so time will tell-I'll keep you posted!

Of course trying to have me remember a daily dose of anything could prove to be the biggest challenge-hell I tend to forget my bi-monthly Humira shot so a daily pill............should be interesting~ Stay tuned

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