Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thyroid? This is a new development-Uuggh

"Although thyroid problems are common in survivors who had radiation to the head and neck, treatment is generally easy and effective."

REALLY? Easy and effective for whom?

My bi-monthly follow up with the ENT wasn't as smooth as I had hoped this afternoon-she lobbed a curve ball my way and although she says it's no big deal-I happen to disagree. No not life threatening and in the overall scheme of things, we'll deal with it, but disappointing none the less as well as a hell of a shock as the first I have ever heard of this potential "common" side effect is NOW? And I in fact do have damage that needs treatment? WONDERFUL! I was informed about the salivary issues but never once any mention of thyroid damage but here we are. Don't have all the details and will be on Google here quite shortly believe me but apparently, my last blood test showed "radiation damage to the thyroid causing high levels of......? " My numbers are 8.5 and 4's to 5's is the normal range so she going to put me on meds to regulate. She'll prescribe Synthroid I believe she said and check the levels next month to see if the dose is correct. WOW!

I know nothing-never had any thyroid issues, not even sure what the damn thing does except it's now busted! Others in the family have to deal with this and I know that like blood pressure meds-once you start, you can never leave...........Grrrrr-time to research-I'll be back

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