Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Wow-so here is something I haven't had to concern myself with for a while-weight! Seems I have reached my self imposed upper threshold. Jumped up this last 5lbs FAST too. Well, having two birthday parties over three days as well as the Easter festivities probably helped that acceleration. I've been steadily cycling through these 5 pound increments from my low of 180 I withered away too, through 185 and hovering in the 190 range that I have grown quite fond of-Am really enjoying all the exercise been getting with the water sports of late and that certainly a good thing. The knees and ankles are much happier, steadily built up the strength where I am comfortable, mobile and effective on the boats and boards and have started to acquire clothing that fits. Even the doctors are pleased and you all say I look great so I'll take it! Now, I jump on my control scale at the club yesterday to see I am suddenly just north of 195!


Granted that is a self imposed limit but I have no desire nor need to tip 200 again. That would be close to a 50% retracement to where I started and I simply don't wanna! I viewed a slide show presentation at the Saturday birthday party I was at and was in a few shots where I barely recognized that larger version of me and just don't like it! Guess it is time to throttle back on the see-food diet I've been relishing for the last few months and not eat whatever I see! That is not entirely true as I am pretty good on what I consume, just have not worried about how much and when but apparently that time has now arrived! Well at least until we get on the ship next month right!

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