Friday, April 22, 2011

Deaf, Dumb & Blind

Well I don't know about the deaf and dumb part (oh shush!) but the blind............?

So long as I've got myself as clean a bill of health on the cancer front as I am going to get for the time being, it's time to address some of the other secondary issues that require my attention and pay a visit to those doctors as well.

Deaf-no need as not problematic since that one occurrence I had that was associated to my Cisplatin regiment and that has corrected itself as we had hoped upon purging all that poison from my system.

Dumb-well not really I don't think although I still occasionally do seem to have a "chemo-brain" moment but can I really attribute that to all this????LOL.

Blind-without question, age and a whole bunch of nasty chemicals have taken their toll and as much as I have been avoiding the reality-I need to bail on the Costco readers and FINALLY go see my friend Jen Bossart for a real eye exam as things have certainly deteriorated. Even before this whole issue was discovered I had noticed some fuzziness and as I was catching up with my old roommate in San Diego awaiting our Thanksgiving cruise in 2009 he ran into the hotel shop and got me a $10 pair of readers as a joke-Hey they worked! Now however, things are getting noticeably worse. Lisa has actually gotten used to reading me menu items if we are in a dimly lit place and I have become quite accustomed to changing the view size on my 24" screen here to 125% or greater (as it is right now.) Not good and the eye fatigue I am noticing of late by mid afternoon at work is also getting detrimental so guess the time has come to make that appointment.

Additionally as I have spoken often of my constant dry mouth and the need to have a companion with me in the form of a water bottle-on a recent exam, one of my doctors even made mention of visually noticing my mouth being dry. That can have serious repercussions I realize so even though I have ignored the reminders from the dentist to come in for my annual check up, need to address that as the reduced saliva can cause havoc on oral hygene and the bodies natural ability to combat a whole host of nasty issues-Gone are my days of not seeing the dentist for over ten years as was the case prior to being forced to see one before my treatments began. Necessary appointment number 2 on deck!

I have been good with the dermatologist I must admit-unfortunate as the chemo cleaned me up but the psoriasis came back almost immediately so have had to see him to get back on my Humira but the other 2 "specialist" I need to make some time for-next weeks project!

Outside of that, might have to find some time for a massage-maybe even one insurance will cover. For some reason, as much as I am swimming as well as surfing, sailing and on the SUP-my entire neck and shoulder area are abnormally stiff and sore for the last couple weeks. My ENT did say that her patients that do not exercise or stretch the area radiated that the muscles tend to seize or stiffen up as time goes on but she considers me to be quite active so am a little perplexed on this development I must admit-Like I said, probably have to retain a masseuse-DARN!

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

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