Monday, April 18, 2011

And that's a sweep for now! Woo Hoo

I still absolutely HATE walking into the dungeon, the whole place still gives me the creeps but it was time for my Radiology 6 month follow up down there so off we went this morning. The first thing I notice is the huge ass 60" flat panel that always seems to have the food channel is gone. (Always found it odd as most of us down there undergoing treatment can't eat a damn thing so why make us suffer!) It apparently broke and was donated so Queens wont spring for a new one so this huge wall is now barren shy of the little 15" replacement giving the general feeling of even a more stark barren cold room-YUK! So glad it's no longer a daily requirements for me.

Anyway-here I am in my usual anxious state awaiting another exam and opinion on my scans and although I never anticipate much from this guy as you know, he still a part of my team and I need him to concur with the rest. I get called in and the nurse does a double take-again falling victim herself to not recognizing me-she still has that horrible Jabba the Hut photo they took of me back on my first visit, bald, pale and bloated, clipped in my file. She reminds me she also saw the transformation yet hasn't seen me in six months of further recovery and looking as I do now-"fit and with hair" as she says - LOL.

Now here comes Dr Observant, always amazing at the (dis)connected he has his patients (i.e. ME!) and today no exception. He walks in pickks up my chart and greets me with "Wow-you've lost some weight haven't you Mr Davis?"

HELLO! Seriously? All you remember of me is that picture? You honestly have no recollection of freaking out on me that I had lost TOO much weight when I plummeted down to 180, got thrown back in the hospital and had to suspend my treatments? Not only have I not LOST weight since my last visit, Ive actually put 15 pounds BACK ON! So reassuring. Anyway, enough of the vanity and he goes through his litany of poking, prodding and viewing and then reassures me again by asking when I will be having another PET done. Again have you actually looked in my file? Oh sorry all looks good and since the other two Doctors still seeing you regularly and all looks fine to me, I don't need to see you for 4 months. Again, my goal was to have him concur and he did so I'm happy but between the scatter brained weight and PET comments and now acting like 4 months is good even though it has been 6 since my last does nothing to reassure me and I am so grateful things are going in the right direction as do not want to count on this member of the team any longer than I already have.

Interesting visit, short sweet and certainly not to the point but as I mentioned -a clean sweep on the follow ups and I'll take it! Woo Hoo

Back to the office and the realities of the day!

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