Friday, February 10, 2012

Been a while but Im still here!

Well its been even longer than I thought and had a few difficuties rememerbing how to navigate around. Anyway, figured it out so as my Aunt Lee was recently in town and asked that I try keep up with this a bit we go! First off-it may be February already but Happy New Year! I hope everyone's 2012 off to a good start. Hadn't realized it had been since October since my last post-I did say that no news is good news so wouldn't bore anyone with the trivial aspects of daily life and apparently I haven't-LOL although that is a good thing. That said, I did just go in for my first real check up this year with my ENT. I had an Oncology check up back in January but that was just to kick the tires-he won't have a real follow up with new scans for a few months yet. The ENT visit however, a big poke and prod session, the whole arthroscopic scope through the nose and down into the back of the throat....charming I know BUT has to be done and what truly matters is it all checked out with flying colors-She continues to be very pleased. She still keeping me on an 8-12 week leash for follow ups though mid year, then she may extend put to every 6 months. We made it past the 1st hurdle of the first year but she very good on keeping tabs for the first TWO years before she feels comfortable stretching out the follow ups. I'm still OK with this thank you.
We spent much of our visit talking about opening day tomorrow as it is the opening of our racing and boating season here. Not only does she have that beautiful catamaran I mentioned last year, we too have a new race boat to play on this season (pictured) Hehe! Locomotion, and considering I sail with a clinical psychiatrist, the name couldn't be more appropriate! There is a brunch, parade of boats through a blessing and then we'll go have ourselves a buoy race off Waikiki. Now that she getting more acclimated with her new toy and already had plans to take her boat out with some friends and relax, she got all excited about the event and going home to talk to her husband and see if they can get into the parade festivities. They will probably forgo the race portion of the day but we're all looking forward to a Saturday on the water!
With that, I'll be signing out as the important info duly reported! Ill try be back before another 3 months pass! Have a great weekend!

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