Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Been a while since I've posted as really nothing of interest to post-well that's not exactly true, lots of interesting things from sailing and Lisa fun, to work issues I could vent for days on so let's change that statement to read, nothing of health relevance to report-No doctors, no episodes and all good on the health front fro the most part. That said, and maybe they are related, as I seem to have locked into my weight at the 200# mark which is fine, however, every time I slightly tilt over that, and I do not want too BTW as this is my slef imposed cap, I get very fatigued and tired. I seem to tip over when I cant get in the water for a few days and that makes sense-lack of exercise would attribute to both these issues. What did dawn on me however, and I need to bring it up at my next appointment is we have never adjusted my Syntrhoid dosage and from what I understand, that in itself could be the culprit.

A good workout in store for the afternoon and sure that will help!

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