Friday, September 16, 2011

Degenerative Disk!

Well I must admit I was a little apprehensive sitting in the waiting room this morning as wait I did. Not something I usually do much of with this Doc and then when he did see me getting my vitals he was a little off. He then walks into my tiny exam room and asks how am I feeling...again, I perceived this in what I can only describe as an odd out of character fashion, so up the blood pressure goes! Especially with the odd incident with Kermit earlier this week. Fine I say except I'm a little anxious as to what it is you must have seen in my pictures as you seem somewhat elusive here....He apologized and said he had an issue with another patient and that everything looked good BUT... Why is there always a but? He went on to tell me my scans showed signs of degenerative disk disease with some fusing.......

Oh that's all? Thank god-deep breath Jeff! I KNEW THAT.... You didn't, but I did!

I actually forgot I had a little problem that had developed between C 5 and C 6 and that previous X-rays showed some fusing that explained some of the discomfort I had a few years back but they obviously took a back seat and has not been anything of significance throughout this ordeal. Odd that this is the first that anyone has noticed but fortunately I still take damn good pictures! Granted, this issue is not good and needs to be monitored but knock on wood hasn't been an issue of late so in the overall scheme f things discussed here, if this is all that they see that was worth writing about in the photo shoot! I'LL TAKE IT.

Over and above this, I informed him that I have had a few incidents with cramping on the right side of my neck as well so we need to keep an eye on that to see what it might be related too. Doc thinking if it persists he might send me to PT and in this case, insurance funded masseuse might not be all bad. Woo Hoo-all good this round folks!

Jeff out

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