Tuesday, September 13, 2011


WTF-Kermit is not something I deal with but boy did we have a throat fail last night with some kind of acid reflux type of issue. The odd, and painful, part was the fact that I was awoken around 2 am with the sudden sensation that I was going to throw up-not nauseous mind you, but some kind of reflux. Very painful to due the stomach acids I assume. I ended up sitting, standing or walking around the house for the better part of two hours as whenever I laid back down, it wanted to go again. Something was brewing obviously and the throat muscles seemed to freeze again. This time however, the seemed to get locked OPEN and could not stop any thing coming up from the belly so sitting up it was-I went through a little belching cycle for about half and hour, hence my Kermit imitation and that seemed to allow it to run its course, but quite painful none the less. Fortunately this morning all is good except for some residual pain in the throat and nose. I'm sure it'll still be raw tomorrow and show up in my scans but we'll see.

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