Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Well some 11 hours later, and a very lonely run through the slot as we were the ONLY monohull to go South, we are home. I'm sure everyone thought we were crazy bearing off out of Honalua and setting a kite, but we boogied right along all the way to Lono before hitting the giant hole everyone predicted was camped out. That was a 2 hour float to get through there but as we cleared Molokai and sneaked up on everyone from below, we saw as we approached Diamond Head that much of the fleet was camped out there so things seem OK. We skirted right by many of them before we too were becalmed off the Outrigger and floated towards the finish for another hour and change. We won't know until Friday but bottom line, we surprised everyone I think, got a lot of bigger boys boat for boat, and think South paid after all! A great day on the water by all.

A few days in Lahaina never bad either although no Lucy this year to join me. We had dinner in Honolulu and I flew over Saturday morning to find the Prima crew had gone pretty deep Friday and opted out of the lights so spent the day helping John and raced Kai Mana. Do miss that boat and rumors abound again about the future of that program....time will tell-LOL

Anyway, so glad to have been able to make it again this year and another birthday in sight-WOO HOO-

The first of many many more I trust-Hope you all had a great weekend yourself!

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