Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Day at a Time! Mahalo

Well, if there was a common denominator I took from Stef's curtain call last week, it was...


and live every day best you can. The fact remains however, as wonderful an event as it was and whatever the lesson that may have been learned, the curtain will never rise again, so I am in complete agreement with this notion (and even plan on taking my lunch today in the water as we are being treated to one of the best south swells we have had in years.) My outlook has certainly changed troughout this entire experience, yet I too must face the same hurdles in life as the rest of you so this can be difficult I know. The difference is in my perception as I approach the reality of the financial, professional, legal and moral issues we all encounter every day and prioritize how to address them in a positive, sometimes comical, and carefree fashion in order to alleviate as much of the "stress" as possible. Some may look at it almost as if I'm being aloof, but it seems to work for the most part as we are now living every day with a new sense of renewal-a second chance if you will to determine what is truly important.

That said, I feel this is a great time for a divergence in this blog and to take it to another level as I see about getting it out in print. Many of you have suggested I do something more with this experience and I agree-there is a lot of work here on all levels that may be useful to others either for its entertainment value or as a tool for those facing their own journey through the hell of the big C or other issues they may face. That isn't to say I won't continue here in cyberspace as I will and hope these posts still find their way to those that find them useful, or at least entertaining. Granted, I don't need them for myself as much as I did last year fortunately and they may not have the same value to those tracking my journey as they once did either, but I have enjoyed this outlet and find it therapeutic in a fashion so continue they will.

So, as August comes to a close, we can look at the approaching Labor Day weekend as an anniversary of sorts and this will mark the final post that is to be included in what will become a printed form of my journey. Not only was I actually a Labor Day baby back in 1964 and this weekend marks the beginning of another birth week thank God, but the Lahaina Return could arguably be called the real start of my recovery as it was the first event I could fully participate in post treatment where I had enough strength and ability to get back out there!

I thank ALL of you from the bottom of heart for all of your support through this life altering experience, with the keyword being LIFE. I also must admit that I certainly appreciate the feedback even though I laugh and get more than a little embarrassed at the constant flow of compliments you continue to shower me with regarding my mental resolve and appearance throughout and after this ordeal. I truly have no response other than...


and for now, thank God we are all fortunate enough to continue to be able to laugh and enjoy this life together



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