Monday, August 8, 2011

Throat freeze!

One of the worst episodes Ive had this year that I can recall! Can't swallow without everything ejecting out my nose-a definitive disconnect with the muscles that control swallowing and this sucks! I was told this is nothing unusual as the radiation damage that occurred can have this effect but usually clears after a few hours or a day.

Woke yesterday with a bit of an issue but nothing that was out of the ordinary-laid low, didn't talk much and took it easy on the throat with what I ingested and that usually good. Considering I was racing in the bay on Saturday and had a big week at work, the throat will sometimes just say "'NUF!" and we do what I did yesterday and good enough-

Not this time apparently as here I am Monday morning working out of the house because I simply cant swallow, can't talk and generally uncomfortable so hoping another day of TLC and we are all good-Cant get in to see the doc until my regularly scheduled appointment next week so will just grit this one out and hope everything relaxes soon.

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