Friday, July 22, 2011

Time to catch up

Well TP '11 has come and gone with great success as well as the coveted red hat from Mount Gay!

I may be sleep deprived and my throat is telling me I've had enough but for the most part I again had a great time working shore side as co-chair of Pier Ops (whatever that title meant-LOL). Great to see some awesome boats, reconnect with some old friends, attend their pre-wedding ceremony, meet some new as well as see some local boys shine. Scott Bradley and his new CaZan, a DK 46. with a local crew of friends I race with or against, got to the podium twice for 3rd in division and first Hawaii boat-congrats guys but how will we live with you now AND we get to look at the transom of the new boat for the rest of the season-LOL. James McDowell and his bigger boat Grand Illusion take the whole thing too-good for you and Richard Riley and the rest of the crew!

Now for some well needed rest, a beach day and dinner for Lucy who rates a great thank you for putting up with me and these shenanigans this week (and for my faux pas at last weekend's BTBJ) and then Monday back to the office to catch up on all that I deliberately took a break from this past week to play with the boats and the occasional Mai Tai!

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