Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A small small world

So I have to laugh at the turn of events here today. We are coming into TransPac season with the boats currently racing.(For those of you unaware, this is a yacht race from Long Beach to Honolulu and although I have yet to actually race it, I have been a volunteer for years on this side of the pond and always enjoy my participation) Two years ago, the record was shattered by the pro crew of Alpha Romeo 100 and I had the good fortune to friend some of the crew of this yacht and have kept in touch. As it would happen, the skipper of that yacht, Murray Spence, is in town, not as a race participant this year, but having just completed a 77 day voyage delivering a beautiful 60+ foot catamaran from the Canary Islands to it's new owners here in Honolulu. Pam and I took him to lunch at the Outrigger and caught up a bit-I of course also enjoy his input on the current race going on 1000 miles out in the Pacific as we await the first finishers (who are in no way a threat his previous record) We also got on the topic of my cancer as the owner of Alpha is also a throat cancer survivor. More ironic is as we are talking, he mentions that his new owners wife is a hot shot ENT here in town and maybe I've heard of her.

Hmm let's see here you mean MY DOCTOR Murray? LOL. Hows that for a small world?

Upon us returning to Kewalo Basin to drop him at the boat, said owners are in fact aboard. (I need to mention that I had originally had a 1:30 follow up appointment schedule with her today that her nurse called to cancel last week as she would be out of the office-I can understand that) The husband greets us at the gangway and we are introduced. On the top deck I can see some movement as someone appears to be napping. Sure enough, they roll over and try and focus on the commotion and I say "Hi Doc! Did you really think that I'd let you cancel our 1:30 appointment and I wouldn't find you?" (It is actually 1:30 BTW.) Needless to say the look of confusion registered on her face was priceless although I am not so sure how funny she found it -not sure if that was the fact a patient is at the gangway of her new vessel and she disapproves of such patient/social interaction or the fact I learned she is actually quite ill, as she simply dismissed me by saying my appointment was canceled. The husband caught on pretty quickly and invited us aboard to take a tour and chat for a bit all pretty amazed at how small the world really is.

I never spoke with her again as we let her rest but I am looking forward to my rescheduled appointment. Needless to say I hope she ultimately finds as humorous as we all did as I'd love the opportunity to see this one again. As always, time will tell!

Cheers Murray-thanks for a great afternoon and safe travels!

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