Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

What a fabulous weekend-Full beach day at the club with Lisa and the boys Saturday-fired up the grill for the mombo steaks and burgers that is a prerequisite for the 4th and watched what is arguably the funniest flick I've seen in years with Hall Pass.

Woke up Sunday and headed over to K-Bay to race day 2 of the Kalakaua Cup on Prima, en route to an overall victory I might add! (Unfortunately I missed drinking from the silver cup on Monday)

Then on to the annual McFarlane 4th of July regatta and a SUP tour through the insanity of the Waikiki flotilla for a few hours. What a madhouse!

As neither the race nor the floatilla were on the kids menu we decided on a bit of a change of pace forgoing the OCC party and capped it all off heading out to watch the Hawaii Kai firework show at buddy Elwells home.

Mahalo Mark!

A great change of pace and got to spend it with Lisa after all AND got Max on the SUP as well! Woo Hoo

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