Thursday, July 7, 2011

Throttle Back and Focus!

As you know I have had quite a bit of that real world sh*t on my plate of late and that has apparently caught up with me, so much so that I have actually spent much of this week out of the office, working and resting from home with something I haven't had in some time-the flu (I think.) I certainly prefer this over the days I was home or elsewhere last year, but being sick still sucks!

The combination of the ongoing stress with the work issues I've eluded too previously, an incident with Mom and her health that gave us all quite a scare(seems to have been an anomaly thank god) as well as admittedly quite an event filled 4th of July weekend has taken it's toll and the body put the brakes on so here I am-bored as hell after sleeping much of the afternoon trying to shake whatever bug has infiltrated the system. Congested, feverish, tired and sore as well as the most concerning to no real surprise is the extreme irritation to the throat itself-essentially the feeling of being hit by a train-albeit a much smaller one!

This down time however has given me a bit of a revelation and I have determined, for the best I might add, that I am using some of these recent events as an excuse. Although buckling down in the office to move through this is a good thing and for the time being, manageable, I have also created some personal issues for myself that I need to address and I have allowed all this to get the best of me and lost a bit of direction, making excuses and avoiding what I need to do. There is no entitlement due nor expectations of sympathy so the time has come to throttle it back and re-focus on taking care of my responsibilities and obligations to those who have been so supportive of me or a flu could be the least of my concerns.

Just one of those thinking out loud moments!

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