Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too close to home

So sad as lost a childhood friend yesterday and this one just too damn close to home. I grew up with Stefanie Smart and of course knew she had been a survivor for years-the scary thing is, just Tuesday night I was asking about her as I hadn't seen her or her husband Jim in some time. I knew she had re-entered the battle last year while I was going through my treatments as had had a number of conversation with Jim. He of course was devastated as apparently she had been complaining of back pain for some time and when she went in for her annual check up they found it had metastasized into her lower back. I've seen her since and assumed she had beaten it again but thought I'd ask when I was at the club Tuesday enjoying a beautiful Hawaiian sunset with some of her girlfriends. It was here I was told in a very hush, hush fashion that she actually wasn't doing well at all. Apparently not as yesterday as I'm showering after my workout, a buddy of mine was at his locker all freaked out and asks if I've heard about Steph. Oh no! He was having a very difficult time of it and it hit me pretty hard as well especially with his comment of asking if I'm all good and how I'm dealing with it all as "you have it too............"

Well not exactly bud but I got the message and a bit of wake up slap about all of our mortality as this one way to close to home. We'll miss you Stef!

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