Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Here is the banner of the program we received as we entered Diamond Head Theater Sunday!

On Facebook, it was billed as "Stefanie's Final Curtain Call"
and what a show it was!

Ironically, it seems there were quite a few people that didn't understand the double meaning here and got quite a shock. I feel for a friend of hers I spoke with the other day that was on the mainland when he saw the post and called her cell, leaving a message apologizing for not being able to make her last show. I can't imagine how he must have felt when he received a return call from one of her friends explaining the true meaning, and he wasn't alone I understand. Outside of these uncomfortable moments, you really couldn't put a better feel good twist on such a not so feel good time.

As I have stated here on more than one occasion, I usually hit the "dislike" button on memorials and have been remiss, if not outright selfish as I have chosen to opt out of my share of services of late. First it was too close to Dad, and then a reminder of my own mortality. In this case however, I simply felt I had no choice for a number of reason and am oh so glad I did. Granted it was certainly quite the dose of said mortality, but this was an event. Kudos go out to her husband Jim as well as her hui of "angels", Katie, Spanky, Mia, Jen and Vanessa to name a few as well as the staff at DHT for organizing and creating such an amazing tribute on such short notice all the while dealing with their own emotion. As we heard time after time Sunday, Stef wanted to put on a performance as the theater was her church. She gave strict instructions she wanted a show of celebration and forbade any tears, and for the most part, was successful in her wishes. Not since Dads memorial have I seen so much laughter at what was ultimately a very somber time but when it happens, that is the way to do it for all. Great job everyone and all my best to her entire family.

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