Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Final Countdown!

I HOPE! But that what is in the forefront of my mind as I prepare to head in to the zappers for T-10 treatments-YeeHaaa. That said however, it's getting to be quite the challenge I must admit and I cant let myself get too excited as there is a substantial wind down recovery period I can not forget. Take this past 3-day Memorial Day weekend as a prime example. I got three days reprieve and honesty, I am more beat up right now than I was when I walked out of treatment Friday-This is nasty, sneaky stuff. Remember, you see and feel nothing while being administered but boy does it cause havoc. The pain I am still going through in/on and aroud my neck is indescribable AND, I'm on some heavy duty meds as well. So much so they have been reeking havoc on some of my other body functions that create their own set of problems. Suffice ti to say, I was able to finally address tat problem in the wee hours of Sunday morning-quite a relief after close to two weeks to know everything still working, however slowly and painfully.

Anyway enough of that and I know I'm rambling here but really not too capable of sharing much else-the neck lei, the burns around my neck, have become bleeding blisters and you can imagine the type of sunburn you need for that to happen-Lidocaine, Aloe, avail, just try not to move too mush or quickly. Now take that burn level....ditto on the inside of the throat. I have developed one taste that I am aware of unfortunatly and is of a nasty burnt flavor. Figured out as I had to cough some over the weekend it is not only painful as hell, but I came up with some dark (ie bloody) phlem-Ahaa-hence the new taste-it is a burring flavor-that of my own throat

WONDERFUL-10 more Jeff-just 10 more!!!!!! We'll worry about the recoup period then but lets just get there please!

Off to the zappers and then home-needing that nap today big time!

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  1. Wow hang in there, our thoughts are with you. -Karen and Cristian