Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh Boy-Slooooowww going on the recov!

Here I am at T + 5 days since we concluded treatment and wow-I feel worse. The pain in the throat when I swallow or attempt to speak has grown in intensity-very acute but increasing nonetheless as I am actually increasing my pain meds but to no avail. Man would it be frightening if I didn't have any of those that is for sure. Of course, I was told this would happen and that I can continue to expect it for a while as the radiation actually compounds on itself after treatment but who believes until it actually happens right? My daily nap regiment hasn't subsided at all either. A blessing I guess but sleep is something the body is craving during this. Of course the meds assist there too. Finally is the eating issue still jsut that, an issue. Although I somehow seem to be ingesting more and a variety when I actually am able to swallow, however I continue to be amazed at this 185 lb number that I see on a scale-hell I haven't seen that number since my Punahou VB days. Of course this is not a good thing for me now, but it does explain why I'm very weak and lightheaded these days-need to change that and get some strength and weight back-in moderation of course but boy I can't wait to be able to enjoy food, beverage and good company again! Missed two back to back birthday weekend events, an out of town family friend get together and now Lisa back home needing a vacation from her family vacation but day by day, this is still quite an adventure.

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