Tuesday, June 29, 2010

5 Months

Here we are at the end of June and I reflect back to those first days of February. Wow-5 months of my life GONE and we have fought hard yet still wondering what the hell happened and where its going. I'm also here at T +12 days since the madness of the treatments has stopped and although the misery still lingers, I certainly hope this chapter has closed and we have been successful in eradicating this disease from my system. Of course I have to squeeze out the next 75 days or so as won't have confirmation of that until September so for now I must appreciate and be happy with the progress I am making and continue to do such although nowhere near recovered.

Day by day I seem to be seeing a little more hair returning, a little more energy for longer periods of time, maybe a hint of flavor in the ever increasing types of food I can actually attempt, although still very liquefied and soft-no BBQ action yet. I say that as I might have gotten a little overzealous over the weekend. Lisa back from her trip to Cleveland and was really missing her Friday sunset cocktail with Mom and the rest of the OCC Friday night atmosphere and although NO I'm certainly not there yet on the coctails we did it and had a blast, followed by Uncle Bo's for her favorite clams. I tried but not for me yet but was able to get down some pretty hearty soup. Saturday had a real breakfast inclusive of some over easy eggs and even some oatmeal cakes and full day at the beach at teh Club with some friends into the evening followed by a Sunday brunch with some corned beef hash.


Way too much and overloaded the system. Monday was miserable as the body has a way of telling you this and I was not treated nicely. Lets just leave it as I had a lot of time in the restroom and was not pleasant so have throttled back a bit and added back a lot of liquid based items again. That said however, the fact I am able to get more and more down every day is good and I am starting to notice certain tastes around the edges. Still very fatigued and good for a few hours at a pop but I would expect that to improve as well and as the eating improves, so follows the energy. Again, day to day as the adventure continues and my next goal-Macfarlane weekend coming up here for the 4th!

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