Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July!

Well the good news is I was able to enjoy the entire weekend without incident!!!! Bad news, I might have gotten a bit overzealous as here I sit Monday night wiped out. One thing that certainly going to take some work is getting my strength and endurance back. Nutrition is key onb that and my ability to eat is improving daily however trying to take it slow to avoid another incident such as last week but hope to soon start back into a regular workout to start getting some strenght back as this weekend sure proved I need it! Further this weekend is the fact that Ive gone 3 full days without a nap and that hasn't happend in months so I definitely overdid myself but had a blast.

On the 4th I was able to participate and get myself down to the Club and enjoy all the festivities and that says a lot. the day was inclusive of walking down to Waikiki and grabbing breakfast at one of Lisa's favorite places where I had what she tells me were delicious banana pancakes, but I still can't tell but they are soft! From there we stroll down the beach to the canoe races, our annual MacFarlane Day surf regatta, hang out at Dukes for a bit until I talk myself out and then head back to the club. From there we grab Lisa's stand up board and tandem out to the annual flotilla where I subject the new surfer girl to a few incidents on that journey, my fault as take us right through the wrong place in a surf break and get cleaned out-oh well, only lost the camera but havoc nonetheless. We make it out to the madnessand hang out with some friends on his 36' Fountain, "Moisture Missle" and take in the sights before we opt to hitch a ride back to the outside of the club to reduce our paddle where we then join the post race party kicking into gear for the fireworks and BBQ! I fired up Lisa's Ahi but obviously not in steak mode myself so go with a baked potato and beans that were actually tough to get down-probably as I've overdone it talking and am hurting a bit.

And I wonder why I'm tired.

That was on top of a full day at the beach Saturday and although I did not nap today, I did lay low(er)-I caught the finish of the sailboat race from the beach as odd as it is to see from that angle and was going to head down and visit with the Prima crew but looked like they went to the Yacht Club immediately for the award party and that would have been over the top-the voice has had enough this weekend so just couldn't do it and headed home for the duration-sorry guys.
Anyway off to bed as I now I need the sleep-hope you all had a great Holiday weekend weekend as well!

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