Friday, July 30, 2010

The Process of Recovery Continues:)

Not a lot to report this week-rather uneventful as a matter of fact. As you can see by the pics, I did get to attend my first real function in the Annual American Heart Associations Black Tie & Blue Jeans I've been involved with for so long. Actually had my first adult beverage in a couple of nice cold barley pops! Couldn't finish the second one I admit but again, it's a start. We had a blast although Kieth and Lisa might have gone a bit overboard on the silent auction items. I was able to actually go fairly strong the entire evening, voice and all although pretty wiped out Sunday but again, this was my first full night at a big function of any kind so I am pleased.

Beyond that, I don't need to bore you with what I'm eating and tasting and such as Ive gone on in detail of late but suffice it to say, improvement continues on all those fronts and that a damn good thing in my opinion. I have been guilty of getting a bit ahead of myself but the body very good at shutting you down. There is a swell in town so might have to test the waters so to speak and see about getting a little surf session in. We'll see if an how that goes. I did after all forgo the Kauai Chanel race going on this very minute but I know I would be a liability even though I feel I'm getting stronger every day, it's honking out there today. I can't help thinking how the boats must just be screaming right about now-safe travels guys and don't break too much-Lahaina is on the horizon!

Have a great weekend everyone and again-thank you for your wishes and thoughts

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