Friday, July 23, 2010

Thirst and Insomnia

My complaints of the week is I can't get rid of either-OK-that's it!

Well it is as far as my complaining-the dry throat is never ending and that part of the salivary issues I'm sure so one can only hope it will improve however, no guarantees on that. As a matter of fact, this week I seem to either be more cognisant of it or it is in fact getting worse. Maybe as I'm getting more active, it becomes more apparent and I can never get enough water-question for the Doc next week. As far the insomnia, I have no idea except it's frustrating tossing and turning every night as that is just not an ailment I have regularly-Mom and Pam yes, but never me and certainly never an issue during the treatment until now. The general assumption is a side effect of coming off the meds but seems to be going on for quite some time. Oh again my mantra of "day by day!"

Outside of that, don't notice any significant changes or any events worth reporting-I did have my monthly follow up with the Radiologist but that was essentially worthless. He continues to be a man of few words as Lisa says and proved that again. Some poking and prodding just to infuse some extra pain in the area, a few brief comments on how well I seem to be coming along and make an appointment with the nurse for 3 months. What, that's it? Can you tell me anything specific and why so long. He actually told me he had nothing further to contribute to my treatment and teh Oncologist and ENT Docs would be more proactive -Ya Think! Really has been the weak link of the team and his zapper techs did the hands on work so no real surprise there. I did have a moment however when walking through Queen's to the appointment as the brain does odd things. I came around the corner and it was like my brain saw the entrance and just went haywire. What are we doing here, your not going in there.....just a very creepy, helpless feeling came over me if you will. It was odd.

From my personal perspective, I notice a little more hair (except that last two inches in back that were abused by the radiation beams and still not growing), a little more improvement in taste and foods I can ingest although still no sweet sensation, finally working out to try find some strength and as much as I'm kind of digging being down at this weight, I assume some going to come back as I add back some much needed muscle mass as right now, still feel very weak-that is the tough one as I think I can do certain things with weight, water or whatever but the truth is I really can't so need to be careful - actually did not surf at all in this last little swell nor racing just yet but keep telling myself baby steps and every day gets a little better, stronger and faster.... Grrrr! Not real good at that but I know, patience right?

Oh-I did attempt a few sips of wine as my buddy Bill has restocked his wine cellar and decided to do a lttle tasting-OOUCH! That was premature as can we all say THAT STINGS! Maybe we can venture into a barely pop or something at Black Tie and Blue Jeans this weekend but again d-b-d!

Have a great weekend yourself

Jeff out.

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