Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Recognition...or lack thereof

Just a quick midweek observation here as it continues to amaze me how many people I run across on what now seems to be almost a daily basis that haven't a clue who I am! I guess the lack of hair and 40 pounds makes quite a difference! LOL

People I know professionally, socially, even personally for doesn't seem to matter. I can be walking down the street and pass someone I've known for years, sit across from someone at a poker game I've played hours on hours against, stand in the kitchen of a friends house and see someone I see around town at social functions, or in that very kitchen on a regular basis, even Outrigger members around the club that I've grown up with and they simply have no idea it is me. There is usually a hint of recognition or an "Oh my God..Jeff?" when I talk but it is just too funny. Hell, Mark Elwell even admits he might have blown right by me recently had I not been sitting with Lisa and Mom and he was coming specifically to meet me! Hey-it's kind of fun as makes it easy to go incognito when needed and not feel rude. When the throat is acting up, believe me that is a good thing.

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