Friday, July 9, 2010

3 week status

It is now 3 weeks since completion of the treatments and I'm getting a lot of general status questions on my health in general so lets just go through the basics here.

As I've mentioned before, I seem to be making daily progress in most areas and have actually felt the best I have in a few months here the last couple days. Being able to consume food again probably a great part of this as can get the needed nutrition to help the body heal. Rather funny as with all the problems I had eating, these last few days I've been eating like a horse. No big bbq meats or things like that yet mind you but softer type foods like pasta and yogurt. Want to be careful as need to start back into a regular type workout schedule simultaneously as don't want the weight back so long as it's gone. The taste buds are slowly coming back as well and I seem to be able to register a bit more flavor. Sweetness must be the last as still no recognition there so some foods are quite odd. The pain level of the throat is improving dramatically although too much talking at once still aggravates it quite a bit. I am now trying to self wein myself off the Fentanyl now that I have been informed of all the dangers there. Nice of my Doctors to mention nothing and I find out about all these potentially deadly side effects and withdrawal symtoms that can occur from friends of mine in the medical profession. I'm down to the 50 mcg/hr patches and as I can't reduce to the 25's for another week, I'm keeping them on longer as they reduce in potency-maybe I can just skip the 25's but make that decision next week with the Doctor. Finally, my salivary glands seem to be in decent shape although still a little thick. That maybe a permanent issue but at least better than before and hopefully not completed the healing cycle there.

Hair-Hmmmm. No more Uncle Fester as it is filling in. Its coming back in very curly and with a lot of grey but we'll see. It is also about 2 inches shy in the back that will be interesting as it grows. The reasoning there is that the upper neck, lower scalp area of course was subject to direct radiation and therefore that hair slower to come back-if at all I understand and that could create a whole new hairstyle but again-we are only at 3 weeks so time will tell. Same holds true completely for facial hair. Actually am using a razor for the first time in a few months but that is only on the spots that are starting to show signs of life. Certainly no goatee for a while....again, if at all

Prognosis is of course the BIG question everyone asks (as do I)and am I cured? Truth be told is I haven't a clue. Certainly hope so but I haven't even seen a Doctor in almost a month. I have 2 follow up appointments next week so am anxious for that and of course the real story won't be known until September when we can scan and truly see if the job was done. Keep the good thoughts coming please!!!!!

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