Friday, July 16, 2010

One Month Out!

We are now officially one month out of treatment. No significant changes from last week per se however I was able to successfully get off the Fentanyl without assistance! Didn't want to wait to see my Doc and get yet another script for a lower dose, blah, blah , blah. therefore, last week when I replaced my patch after 3 days as instructed, I noticed there was still visible medication in the old patch. therefore, I got the bright idea that instead of changing out after another 3 days I would simply leave the patch in place and let the dose reduce itself that way. It seemed to work as I woke up Monday morning and and the patch had fallen off but I felt fine with no sign of withdrawal and that was after 7 days. I actually feel much better too as I notice I am not dragging as much as prior and seem to have more energy. I have had some trouble sleeping and that may be an effect but that too seems to be passing.

This week also brought my first follow up doctors appointment and I was looking forward to speaking with my oncologist yesterday. Although my self prescribed way of weening myself off the Fentanyl seems to have worked, I was looking forward to a professional update on how the rest of me really looks. He did laugh at my creative thought process in medicine and just had to shrug it off saying certainly not the normal procedure but so long as I didn't have any withdrawal reaction and not in pain, what the hell! Beyond that, he was quite pleased with what he saw. Outside of still being slightly anemic, and that certainly explains my fatigue, all my blood work looks great with significant improvements across the board since the last test. Further he can see no remnants of the tumor HOWEVER, he was quick to remind me that is just a visual observation and needs to be confirmed when we do the PET scans again in September. Also, he never saw the monster in the beginning as we brought him in late if you recall so when he did take my case, the chemo had reduced the size so dramatically, he needed my scans to locate it to begin with but even that is no longer visible. Outside of that, I need to drink more fluids as getting dizzy when I stand up too quickly and maybe put on a few pounds. This is not a race, but a slow process as he said but I seem to be coming along nicely.


I of course have a different opinion and limited patience. I am eating like a horse-but want the full use of my taste buds back. Got back into the gym and the water for a few light workouts this week-but want my strength back. Pulled another pretty productive week at work-but want to be all caught up.......NOW!

Patience is a virtue and I have to remember to take it day by day.

Thanks for your continued support and thoughts and hope you have a great weekend

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  1. Nice. I don't know if Pam told you but I beat the same monster. Keep it up.