Friday, August 6, 2010


And that sums it up-always seem to be cold these days but then again, I have shed the winter coat haven't I? Odd as I was always the one that was hot and sweat quite a bit so interesting changes continue.

Speaking of change, guess we have progressed quite nicely as I am now being asked by one of my Doctors to take one of her new patients under my wing so to speak and talk to him in the hopes it can put things in perspective from a patient standpoint. Isn't that a switch! I was able to speak rather extensively with him earlier this week as he is where I was back in late January. SCARED and CONFUSED! You might recall I too was fortunate enough to be able to speak with Bruce early on who gave me some insight and perspective as well so more than happy to return the favor. I hope our conversation was as useful to him as mine was and hope this can be an experience that is as uneventful as possible. Wishing him the best-Good Luck William!

As far as my recovery and getting back to some semblance of normalcy, I am again happy to say we continue to show improvements on all fronts and the weekend is upon us. With Prima still on Kauai after last weeks race and the ensuing...umm...activities of fearless leaders Dee and Rick there is again no sailing tonight so heading out for sunset at the club and then to First Friday in Chinatown -my first venture out into that type of setting in quite some time, but Lisa is excited with a friend who just moved back to Hawaii joining us and the usual suspects certain to be out that we haven't seen in a bit. Oh and she wants to go dance. Figure I'll be good at our regular hangout, Du Vin, as not over the top crowded and a clientele in our demographics versus the rest of Chinatown-LOL-little leery on where she has in mind for the "dancing" portion as the entire area tends to be a bit of a zoo but we'll do our best.

We have also learned that at this juncture, wine still stings, beer is tolerable but not necessarily great so wouldn't you know it, my friend Jen convinced me to have a sip of her cocktail last week and surprisingly, it works! Believe it or not, as there is no acidity, no carbonation and possibly a slight anesthetic element....Ketel One on the rocks with a twist...ROCKS! In moderation of course, but we have the beverage for the eve!

Have a great weekend-Jeff out

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