Friday, August 20, 2010

Still on the mend.

Didn't realize I passed the two month mark while I was in Oregon last week so as we actually finish what is the 1st week into the 3rd month of the recovery, we seem to be fairing pretty well. A few items to watch but all in all...... The improvements are more subtle than in previous weeks, but I still feel improvements nonetheless although am certainly not out of the woods just yet.

My fatigue has diminished as has my insomnia. My taste recognition continues to improve and I now seem to be able to eat and drink almost anything of my choosing. It is odd though as those factors seem to hold true at the beginning of a meal, but as I progress through I often loose flavor profiles and the throat will get irritated and sore preventing the desire and ability to finish most things. I have also noticed on occasion, the throat will get irritated and painful enough where it will effect my speech so that obvioulsy still needs more time. On top of that, I must say my salivary issues have continue to deteriorate and that is depressing me a bit. I mentioned my dry mouth issues on the trip and that continues now that I am home as well. I simply can not have a meal, a conversation of any length or work out without a constant supply of water. I am experimenting with numerous potions and such that I have picked up or a dentist friend has given me and hope we will find a suitable remedy.

From a professional standpoint, I did have my monthly follow up with my oncologist yesterday. All in all he continues to be pleased with my progress but is also anxious to be able to run a complete set of scans to actually validate this. October (yes October now) can't come soon enough in that regard. Also, although he may be pleased overall there are a few flags up that we do need to keep tabs on as there are a few potential issues. There is slight concern as to the aches and pains I have in the head, neck and shoulder area but as he could not see nor feel anything in his exam, is attributing it to the healing process and my working out again for now. He did caution however, that if it persists over the next two weeks, to come in as he will run some further tests by way of a CT. As far as my blood work, although my counts continue to improve over all, they are still somewhat low for some reason. Further, my platelet count has actually fallen quite a bit since last month and is back below the normal range. Again not to much of a concern to him so that a relief but something he needs to keep tabs on. Obviously that was not really what I was hoping for.

He is also telling me again that my weight needs to come up. I took the opportunity to point out I did actually bulk up from the featherweight 183 on my last visit to a husky 186. Personally I am rather liking being back down here at Punahou weight although it is hell on the wardrobe-that actually seems to be the consensus amongst most of you as well -LOL.

That about covers it for this week!

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