Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Da Plane...da plane!

I actually got on one (four) for a little escape off the Island if you can believe that! In that however, I see I have been remiss and neglected to update last week-Sorry! Meant to do it from the mainland and forgot but yes I said mainland. Ended up being able to make the wedding of my cousin Alex and his new bride Kim up in the Ashland/Medford area of Oregon. Even managed to swing through Vegas and try retrieve some of the monies I inadvertently left there on my last visit. Although unsuccessful in that lofty goal, the entirety of the trip was a success and much needed break from all that has transpired in 2010. I did have some pretty significant discomfort that I had to deal with as the dry air of the airplanes, the desert and the Northwest were killers on my nose, mouth and throat, but outside of that, managed to have a great whirlwind of a trip. Had some fun in Vegas - then up to Oregon, a place I've never been. Little rural for me but certainly pretty and most importantly, I was able to attend what was the first wedding in this family in almost 50 years and I think Alex really appreciated it. Was even able to enjoy a Sunday afternoon of wine tasting at some Southern Oregon wineries on the Rouge River. A few of the reds were difficult or not drinkable for me but all in all, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoed the entire experience! Found a few new wines too although most too small to find here in Hawaii. All in all, not bad progress I must admit and now to address the balance of the taste recovery, the dryness that is certainly related to some ongoing salivary gland issues I still hold hope are not permanent and now oddly enough, some muscle pain I was first attributing to getting back on a workout schedule and stressing dormant muscle tissue but not so sure now as given the body a break of almost a week to recover although it has not. Questions for the Doc on Thursday-more on that then

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