Wednesday, May 12, 2010

1/3rd complete!

We might be but to state the obvious....Radiation burns are BAD!!! I have yet to find any relief as the thousands of daggers in my mouth and throat continue to attack every time I try to eat or swallow or even talk, yet a milestone has been reached today nonetheless. We have complete 1/3rd of this treatment cycle! My concern of course is we have ONLY completed 1/3 of the cycle and I need to find a means to temper these burns or another 25 exponential treatments is out of the question. The zapologist techs suggest I see what my nurse practitioner, whom I see tomorrow, might be able to recommend as far as a prescription so I am looking forward to discussing any options she may have. As it is now, talking has become near impossible, swallowing is done very slowly and forcefully as a necessity only and I've still shed 6 pounds in a week. (Not that I didn't pack on extra in anticipation of this but not the way you want to lose any weight believe me) I managed a couple eggs for breakfast although it took 45 minutes to accomplish and am currently working on a cup of soup. Again out of necessity only as food without taste that is this difficult to consume is just not very enticing.

As always-day by day!

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