Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And now were 1/2 way there

Whew-at least I can say that but a tough road lay ahead. As mentioned previously, been fighting this pain all week and playing with different meds, unfortunately all to no avail. I'm usually OK and can tolerate my share but this continues to kick my ass. Swallowing is difficult but doable and it is just getting past the mouth sores that is still really slowing me. Not to be too graphic but we are now at a point where the salivary glands are deeply wounded too so am essentially choking on it as it is so thick and that too a challenge. And talking-near fricken impossible at this point.

Basically what this means is at a point where am having serious concerns if we cant get a handle on this pain thing as also dropped another 5 pounds this week. Loose too much more and I approach 200 and that will be a problem as I know it is not just a number, but have to sustain the weight so the body can heal.

Yesterday they swapped me off the useless meds I had over the weekend to a continuous dosing patch so crossing my fingers. 24 hours into however, although I feel great, it has done nothing to alleviate the mouth issues. I did manage to gag down another Ensure at breakfast and going to go retro with dinner...Gerbers. Hey it worked as a kid right and got to get creative! Actually have to give kudos to that one to Mom if it works-Keep you posted

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