Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Not us says the Zapologist!

I tell you all how crappy I'm feeling and for the past 2 days I feel great. Had my weekly check up with the actual radiologist (instead of the zapper tech's) and he tells me my recent ailments were certainly not caused by his treatments-they must be from the chemo. I had to laugh as he was too funny defending his territory and explaining everything in detail. Very glad he does explain however I thought it was odd that I made it through the big doses and now I'm having these effects from the Carbo-guess we'll just have to ask that department when I go to them on Thursday but for now-all is good!


  1. See the power of a felt better! :-) We are thinking of you in Colorado...

  2. Hey Jeff,
    As I recall... the radiation tends to makes you tired .. very tired as treatments progress, it is cumulative.
    How are you doing with eating?