Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bah Humbug!

Alright. we have to keep this honest right although I hate to ruin my streak as love the fact all of you always telling me how amazing it is I feel so good and always so upbeat. Uugghhh- I guess I can keep striving for that however it is official-unlike the chemo, I can say the radiation is starting to kick my ass and I am not happy. I'm only through my first week, or 5 of 38 treatments and this is the worst I have felt. The last few days I even busted into the anti nausea meds they gave me way back in February. My concern here is we figured I'd make it through at least 2 weeks before any symptoms started, if they did, and the fact I'm feeling like this now is not good considering how the radiation works on the body. Unlike the poison, which is passed through the system as fast as I could flush it out, the rays compound and builds on itself with each zapping session. GRRRR. Considering it is Sunday night and I've had two days off and still can't shake the feeling can't be good. Also, woke up this morning and notice the throat starting to act up too and that also of concern as one of the biggest problems with this treatment. There was one poor guy that came into the chemo room last Tuesday just for a hydration and electrolyte IV as his throat had completely seized up and onnly way he was getting fluids and nutirents. My biggest fear and certainly NOT the way to loose weight!

Time for that positive attitude you all tell me I have and thinking we'll just hold and stabilize right here. We can hope as still never want to see that train!

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