Wednesday, April 28, 2010

3 down! And Mr. Bill ain't done yet apparently!

Gotta love it. Walk into the dungeon and the girls apologize and forewarn me they are running late. Here we go again, my afternoon shot. Nope because at 1:26, the tech comes out and calls me in apologizing for the delay. A delay 6 MINUTES-I'll take that any day and now just have 33 to go. Again so far so good but very early in this new game.

Forgot to mention in yesterdays post my buddy Mr. Bill has raised his ugly little head again and just won't let this rest-

Briefly, I am expecting my normal nurse practitioner to be working with me yesterday-this is the gal I spoke so highly of prior who I get along with so well and has been so helpful in my transition to the new Doc. He even spoke with her previously to make sure she would be available to babysit me through this part of the treatment with him. WRONG. I get a brand new NP yesterday and when I ask about it I am told that Mr. Bill will not allow it. Technically she does work for him although she sees patients on both sides and as I said, this was cleared with my new Doc previously. Unreal. The really bad thing,while I'm in the chemo room yesterday, she comes in and is very disappointed and thinks I have fired her too and asks why. Excuse me I ask, you think I fired you? Not a chance and I was upset here today when you didn't take of me and I told her that I had been informed it was again Mr Bill at work and quashed our appointment. Oh the look on her face-Boy is she pissed-interested to see what if anything transpires from this number he's pulled but again, he signs her checks I think.

Very sad and as another Doctor I have worked with for years I ran into in the halls said, "You? non-compliant behavior and difficult? Oh please! I'll send him some difficult patients if he were in my specialty. I knew he was a strange bird but to be acting like a spoiled little child............." Touche'

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